"Tara is exceptional, working with her you are assured on time delivery of quality results. She is always one step ahead, consistently providing insightful and inspirational ideas to her team. Upon joining our firm, Tara quickly proved herself to be an invaluable asset. She has a keen eye for design, coupled with exceptional attention to details and impressive organization skills, enabling her to constantly produce flawless results. Her remarkable communication skills and ability to produce exceptional results within tight time frames, made it easy to be proud of our company image. She seamlessly managed our entire Marketing department, with limited resources, she consistently exceeded expectations. The term team player does not do Tara justice, she is always supportive and carries more than her own share in an organization. She is highly regarded by colleagues & clients. Tara continues to astound me with her knowledge base and intelligence. She is active in various industry organizations, allowing her to stay on top of emerging trends and key information that is vital to our company's success."

Kim Perszyk
Office Manager, Vaillant Solar Systems Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Tara for many years. Her marketing expertise is refined with years of "in the trenches" experience. She has a natural ability to pinpoint problems then creatively define solutions. As a team leader she is articulate and very perceptive. I would strongly recommend her in any marketing consultant or management position.”

George Merrill
Owner, Humaniz Interactiv

“Tara is an incredibly talented individual with an extremely strong ability to establish strategy in the complex world of Internet marketing, then oversee execution against that strategy. She excels in her leadership abilities by using her genuine and approachable personality to establish a team approach to accomplishing objectives. I highly recommend Tara!”

Jody Thomas
CEO, Kayye Consulting

"Tara is an amazing and talented individual. Her work ethic is second-to-none and she is extremely creative and strategic (tough traits to balance). I highly recommend her.”

Michael Baehr
Director of Global Branding, Iomega