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How to make your social media marketing more effective.

By Tara, March 29, 2010 4:33 pm
The effectiveness of social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing Sherpa recently surveyed about 2,000 marketing professionals to see how effectively they were achieving their goals with social media marketing. This chart brings up an interesting topic…just HOW do you go about achieving these goals with 140 characters or less? Following are some social media marketing tips that I’d like to share to help you achieve your goals.

Increase brand or product awareness: Think of social networks like Twitter and Facebook similar to a cocktail party. No one wants to hang out with someone who talks about me, me, me and more me. Before joining in on the conversation, listen to what people are talking about, add relevant comments, tweet about industry news, and then sprinkle in some valuable information about your products, services, or company.

Increase brand or product reputation: Setup keyword alerts that notify you when someone tweets or posts something about your company or products. Praise those who have something good to say. Do immediate damage control on those who aren’t happy. Fix their problems and you will have a loyal customer on your hands.

Improve public relations: The media is now turning to social media to locate the subject matter experts that they need for their articles. Be a thought leader in your industry and the journalists will want to talk with you, which will garner more press coverage for your company. Follow @HelpaReporter to get Tweets from journalists looking for experts.

Increase website traffic: The trick is to have value-add information on your website to draw visitors there. Instead of posting dry information about your products, give readers quick tips, comparison charts, ROI calculators, etc.

Improve search engine rankings: Google is now listing relevant social media links in their search results. This is huge. Take advantage of it. The more relevant links from authoritative sites that point to your website, the faster your site will rise to the top of organic listings. What better way to generate buzz than through the plethora of social networks and user-generated content sites?

Improve customer support quality: Social media is changing the way we must think about customer service. If someone is unhappy with your product or company, they can have an immediate impact that reaches far and wide. Monitor social networking sites and resolve issues before they explode.

Increase lead generation: This is a tricky one. You can use social media for lead generation if you are adding value. Many people are reluctant to complete online forms because they don’t want to be spammed.

Reduce customer acquisition costs: Yes, social media is free to use and it’s just an investment of your time. If you manage your time well, it can become a very inexpensive tool to garner new customers.

Increase sales revenue: If you sell online, try posting exclusive discounts for your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Ask your customers to leave a review on Kudzu or Yelp and offer them a discount for future purchases.

Social media networks and user generated content sites can be a powerful force in your marketing plan. By tapping into these resources, you can take your marketing to the next level.