Marketing success starts with your customers

By Tara, May 24, 2010 6:39 pm

As a marketer, you are probably already listening to your customers when they provide feedback via surveys, customer support, and focus groups. But it’s critical to also listen to your customers when they are talking about your company in online reviews, ratings, or through social media like Twitter and Facebook.

The beauty of the Internet today is that you can get immediate feedback about your products and services. The key is to listen carefully and react swiftly and appropriately.

Example of Inappropriate “Listening”

The other day, I was checking out for my Mom’s birthday gift. I wanted to get her an outdoor heater or fire pit for her patio. I ended up changing my mind and went with another fabulous gift (if I do say so myself). But imagine my surprise when I received an email from amazon a few days later recommending more outdoor fire pits. Hello, stalker!!

Targeted email from Amazon

Targeted email from Amazon

As a marketeter, I understand that amazon has an enormous amount of data on me every time I visit their site. I applaud their ability to implement some ingenious marketing tactics to increase average order value and drive future sales. However, the email that I received crossed the line and seemed rather creepy to me.

Example of Appropriate “Listening”

There are several great websites that empower customers to share reviews on local restaurants, services, doctors, etc. If you are not yet familiar with them, checkout Angie’s List, Kudzu, and Yelp.

Below is an example of a cleaning company that monitors their reviews on They received a less than favorable review and responded appropriately and immediately. This type of response provided goodwill to their dissatisfied customer and also let potential customers know that they are listening, they care, and they are working hard to make their customers happy. Because of this response, I decided to give them a shot and they have been cleaning my house for over a year now.

Kudzu Review

As marketing experts, it’s important for us to remember that our traditional ways of listening to our customers are still important but it’s critical for us to monitor those online reviews and forums. Protect your brand, build good will, increase awareness, and drive business with some simple online monitoring followed by timely and appropriate messaging.

So tell me! What is your company doing to listen more effectively and respond to your customers?

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